Our professional grade pans are by
Magic Line(tm). They are made of 16
gauge aluminum that will NOT rust, chip
or flake.

Even heat distributions ensures
consistent baking results.

Straight sides and square corners are
easier to ice and stack, creating an
attractive cake.

We carry pans in the following sizes:

Round 2" Deep
4"-  6"-  7"-  8"-  9"-  10"-  12"-  14" &

Round 3" Deep  
6"-  8"- 10"-  12" & 14"

Square 2" Deep
4"-  6"-  8"-  9"-  10"-  12"-  14" & 16"

Rectangle 2" Deep
1/4   Sheet    9 X 13
1/3   Sheet    10 X 15
1/2   Sheet    12 X 18
These pans have a 1/2" lip for easy

Round 1" Deep Cookie Pan
14" - for the PERFECT large cookie!

Rectangle 1" Deep Jelly Roll
10 X 15
12 X 18

Wilton (tm) Wedding Pan Sets:
Heart, Oval, Petal, Hexagon
Paisley, Diamond, Pillow       

We also carry a great selection of
Wilton(tm) CHARACTER pans!
We have over 300 pans
available for rent to
pick-up only
. These include
many  character pans, recent
and retired, all wedding shapes
and sizes.

Call for details. Sorry we do not
ship pans out of town.
3-D CRUISER                         CATHY                                         GI JOE-SOLDIER                         MUFFIN PUMPKIN                         SNOWMAN GRINNING
ABBY CADABBY                      CAT-YARN BALL                       GINGERBREAD BOY                   MUFFIN PUMPKIN PETITE          SNOWMAN MUFFIN
ALF                                            CHARLIE BROWN                    GOLF BAG                                     MUFFIN MINI 24CT                        SOCCER BALL
ANGEL & HARP                      CHICK IN EGG                          GOOSE                                           MUFFIN SNOWMAN                      SPACESHIP
ARIEL, L'IL MERMAID            CHRISTMAS TREE                   GRAD HAT                                      MUFFIN STAR 4"                            SPIDERMAN
BABY CARRIAGE                   CHRISTMAS TREE PETITE     GRADUATE                                    MUFFIN TRAIN ENGINE               SPONGE BOB
BABY CRAWLING                  CHRISTMAS TREE MUFFIN    GUITAR                                           MUFFINJUNGLE ANIMALS          SPORTSCAR
BABY DOLL                             CINDERELLA                             GUMBALL  MACHINE                   NASCAR                                          STAR
BALL MINI                                CLOWN                                       HALF ROUND 16'                         NINJA TURTLE BODY                  STAR 4" MUFFIN
BALL PAN 3D                          CLOWN                                       HALF ROUND 18"                        NINJA TURTLE HEAD                  STOCKING PRESENTS
BALLERINA BEAR                  CLOWN BALLOONS                HAMBURGER                                NOAH'S ARK                                  STORK NEW
BALLET SLIPPER                   CLOWN NEW                            HANNAH MONTANA                     NUMBER ONE                               STORK OLD
BALLOON                                 COMPUTER NEW                    HARRY POTTER                           NUMBERS 7”                                  STRAWBERY SHORT NEW
BALLOON MUFFIN                 COMPUTER OLD                      HAUNTED HOUSE                      NUMBERS 4”                                  STRAWBERY SHORT OLD
BARBIE HAIR                          COOKIE MONSTER CAKE       HEART DEEP                               OSCAR THE GROUCH                 SUPERMAN OLD
BARBIE HEARTS                   COUNT DRACULA                     HEART DOUBLE                         OWL                                                  SUPERMAN NEW
BARBIE PRINCESS              COWBOY                                      HEART MUFFIN                            PANDA SMALL 3D                         SUV
BARBIE RUFFLE                   COWBOY BOOT                          HEART SCALLOPED                  PARTY HOUSE SM 3D                  T SHIRT JERSEY
BARBIE WAVING                    COW HEAD                                 HELLO KITTY                                PENGUIN BACKYARDIGINS        TAZ
BARNEY BANNER                 CROSS LARGE                          HE-MAN                                          PENNANT                                        TEACUP
BART SIMPSON                      CROSS SMALL                          HERCULES                                   PICK UP TRUCK                            TEEN GIRL
BASEBALL GLOVE                CROWN                                        HOCKEY PLAYER                        PIRATE                                             TELETUBBIES
BASEBALL PLAYER              CUPID W/HEART                        HOLLY HOBBY                              PLAYBOY BUNNY                         TENNIS SHOE
BATMAN BEYOND                 DALMATION 101                         HOLLY HOBBY-MINI                     POCAHONTAS                              THOMAS
BATMAN OLD                         DANCING BEAR                          HORSE=PRETTY PONY              POINSETTIA                                  TIGGER
BATMAN SYMBOL                 DARTH VADER                            HORSESHOE                                POKEMON                                      TOMBSTONE
BEAR W/BLOCK                     DEER FACE                                HOUSE 3"DEEP                            PONY                                               TORSO
BEAR LARGE 3D                   DIEGO                                           HULK HOGAN                                POOH BALLOON                          TOY SOLDIER
BEAR IN SANTA HAT            DINOSAUR HEAD MEAN           I "HEART" YOU                               POOH BEAR 3D                            TRACTOR
BEAR MUFFIN                        DINOSAUR MUFFIN                   ICE CREAM CONE                        POOH FACE                                   TRAIN CUTE
BEAR SMALL 3D                    DINOSAUR T-REX                     JACK-O-LANTERN 3D                  POOH HUNNY                               TRAIN ENGINE MUFFIN
BEAR TEDDY SM                   DOG PLAYFUL PUP                  JUKEBOX                                        POOH BODY GOLD                      TRAIN 3D
BEAR TEDDY LG                   DOG WITH BALL                        JUNGLE ANIMAL MUFFIN            POPEYE                                          TRAIN STEAM ENGINE
BEAR/FLOWER                      DOG-DALMATION                      LADYBUG                                       PORKY PIG  IN AIRPLANE           TROLL
BEER MUG                              DOG-HOUND-CLIFFORD         LAMB                                               POWER RANGERS                      TRUCK SEMI
BELL                                         DOG IN STOCKING                    LAMB 3D                                         POWERPUFF GIRLS                   TURKEY
BELLS                                      DOLL PAN                                    LAMB MUFFIN                                PRECIOUS MOMENTS                TWEETY JUMPING
BERT AND EARNIE               DONALD DUCK HEAD              LAMB WOLLY                                 PUMPKIN                                        TWEETY WITH BOOK
BIG BIRD HEAD                     DONALD DUCK PRESENT       LAMBCHOP                                   PUMPKIN MUFFINS                      UMBRELLA
BIG BIRD MUFFIN                 DORA                                             LIL' HERO                                      PUMPKIN MUFFIN PETITE          UNITED STATES
BIG BIRD BALLOONS           DOVE                                             LION CARTOON                           PURSE                                             VAN
BLUE RIBBON                        DRAGON                                      LION HEAD                                    QUESTION MARK                          VEGGIE TALES
BLUES CLUES                       DUCKY 3D                                   LION W/PRESENT                       R2D2                                                WITCH OR PILGRIM
BOB THE BUILDER               DUCKY CUTE                             LIPS                                                RABBIT 3D                                       WIZARD
BOO                                          DUCKY SHOWER                       LOAF PAN 16"                               RABBITLONG EARS 3D                WOMAN
BOOK LARGE                         DUMPTRUCK                              LOAF PAN MINI                             RABBIT EGG 3D                              WONDER MOLD
BOOK SMALL                          EASTER BASKET                       LOAF PAN PETITE                         RACE CAR & FLAG                        WONDER WOMAN
BOWLING PIN 3D                  EASTER BUNNY                         LOAF PAN SMALL                         RAGGEDY ANN                               WREATH
BOWLING STRIKE                 EDUCATED PAN                         MAN                                                 RAINBOW BRITE                            ZIGGY
BUGS BUNNY W/DRUM       EGG 3D                                         MARIO                                             RIBBON AWARENESS
BUGS BUNNY RUNNING      EGG MUFFIN                                MARVIN THE MARTIAN               ROCKING HORSE
BUGS BUNNY WAVING          EGG PETITE                                MERMAID                                        ROLLERSKATE
BUGS LIFE FLICK                    ELEPHANT                                  MICKEY  W/PENCIL                      RUDOLPH
BUNNY 3D                                 ELLEROO                                    MICKEY MOUSE SHY                   RUGRATS
BUNNY CROUCHING              ELMO BODY                               MICKEY CLASSIC                          SAILBOAT
BUNNY IN BASKET                  ELMO FACE                                 MICKEY  BAND MAJOR                SANTA FACE
BUNNY W/DECO EGG            ERNIE PIG                                   MINNIE MOUSE                              SANTA IN SLEIGH
BUNNY W/PLAIN EGG             ESMERELDA                              MONKEY                                          SANTA OLD WORLD
BUTTERFLY SWALLOWTAIL  FIRETRUCK                               MOOSE SKATING                           SANTA W/ BROOM
BUTTERFLY SIMPLE                FISH-CARP                                 MOTORCYCLE                               SANTA W/ SCROLL
C3P0                                            FISH-TROPICAL                        MOUSE CARTOON                        SCARECROW BASKET
CABBAGE PATCH                     FLAG                                             MUFFIN JUMBO                             SCARECROW
CAR COMICAL                           FLOWER DAISY                          MUFFIN BALLOON                        SCOOBY DOO
CARE BEAR NEW                     FLOWER SUNFLOWER            MUFFIN BEAR                                SCOOBY W/HAMBURGER
CARE BEAR OLD                       FOOTBALL                                    MUFFIN BIG BIRD                        SHELL
CAROUSEL HORSE                 FOOTBALL HELMET                    MUFFIN GHOST                           SHOE
CARS LIGHTNING                     FOOTBALL PLAYER                    MUFFIN DINOSAUR                     SHOOTING STAR
CASTLE                                       FROG                                              MUFFIN EGG                                 SMURF
CAT CHESHIRE                         GARFIELD                                     MUFFIN HEART                             SMURFETTE
CAT W/YARNBALL                     GHOST                                           MUFFIN LAMB                                SNOOPY
                                                  GHOST-PUMPKIN                                                                                  SNOWFLAKE
Below is a list of most of the character
pans we have to rent for $3-4 per day,
plus a $40-50 deposit.

We also have all of the wedding pans and
sheet cake pans to rent.
Baking Pans
Karen Ann's Supplies